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Mazars is known as the premier auditing firm for cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. They conducted Proof-of-Reserves and Proof-of-Liabilities audits for Binance, Crypto.com, Kucoin, Luno, OKEx, Poloniex and many others. Silver Sixpence is the technical partner to Mazars for their auditing work. We build Liabilities Merkle Trees, apply a range of cryptographic methods to validate reserves proofs at snapshot dates and maintains the customer UI. We also publish open source code and contribute to the thought leadership of exchange security.

Idatco is a high-frequency automated trading bot in collaboration with Xago, that implements a suite of trading tools for crypto- and wrapped fiat currencies. The toolset is used by market makers, remittance providers, payment gateways and institutional for-profit traders. It sources liquidity from many different currency pairs in several jurisdictions around the world. Silver Sixpence is the exclusive technical development partner to Idatco and fulfills the CTO position.

Silver Sixpence built and maintains a cryptocurrency pilot project for


, called LekkaPay. The technical scope includes a host of cryptocurrency-related products for merchants and ecommerce users that wishes to extend their offerings beyond fiat currency. The product also provides the foundations for efficient crypto-rails for remittance payments.

As a friend of Xago, Silver Sixpence assists with various engineering problems that the exchange might experience. We provide Xago with an efficient price feed of cryptocurrency and forex rates around the world, and also maintain their technical market making products..


We solve the hard blockchain engineering problems, fast.